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Back to School

Back to School!

It’s the first day back to school for the Millers. They kids were excited. Mom was excited. The littlest was excited until he realized he was NOT going to get to attend. We may have had some tears from him at the bus stop. 😩 Other than that, the first day started without a hitch!

…except that I forgot to turn in some paperwork, so Zeke and I jettisoned to the school to say hi to the bigs while dropping it off. Also, because apparently 3rd grade is when boys get “too cool for mom,” Zion was MORTIFIED when I said “Hi” as he and three other compadres sauntered into the hall from the bus. Zoe girl, on the other hand, was delighted to see us and begged for us to walk with her to her room where, again, Zeke didn’t want to leave. He was convinced this is his year to start school! Nope. But preschool twice a week starts next month. Yay for all of us!

Then a friend and I grabbed coffee and perused a local shop with only one child in tow which is the equivalent of feeling naked in public. You keep checking yourself like, “I feel so light! Did I forget to put something on? Leave a child somewhere? What on earth is wrong?!? No one is yelling my name!!!” And then you realized, it’s because they’re at school and all is well. Oh, and if you live in my area, GOOOOO check out Blooming Daisy Marketplace and support your local shops. It’s the cutest! The perfect place to pick up a gift or some home decor. Zeke was most enamored with the goats and chickens out back!

And if you’re a teacher, administrator, custodian, school bus driver, or any other person that makes our amazing school systems work, I hope you know you were prayed for. Our family got together last night to pray over the kiddos and then for all of you who work day-in and day-out to help shape and mold these amazing little humans. I couldn’t be more grateful for each of you.


She is so ready for 1st grade!




He also didn’t want to show his teeth to smile, but one joke changed all that!


Friends, Zeke couldn’t be more ready for school even though his is ONLY 2. He was the first one up this morning, “Ready for school with my backpack!” and his pajamas still on. It’s going to be quite the day when he really goes. In case you couldn’t tell, he also LOOOOOVVVVEEESSSS getting his picture taken!

I can’t believe the other two are growing so quickly. Summer flew by per the usual. Little brother is going to miss these two so much, but hopefully soon sister will be joining us from the Congo (DRC).

Here’s to a STELLAR 2017-2018 school year!

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