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DIY Shelving Inspiration and Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom

We’ve got several house projects just started, going to start, and almost finished. I wish I were the type to just finish off one room at a time…but I’m not. Maybe it’s the budgetary constraints. Maybe it’s the “priority” list that I made when we bought our home. It had great bones, just needed some TLC.  Or just maybe it’s the way my brain sporadically bounces around from one thing to the next. I’m not even kidding you guys. Sometimes I can be having a conversation with my husband and it can go something like this, “Isn’t the night’s sky lovely?!  The color gray is so pretty isn’t it? I think I’ll paint the kids bathroom vanity in functional gray.” All the while the Mr. just stares at me like I’ve got one horn growing out of the middle of my forehead. There’s logic behind it. I promise. It went something like this:

While looking at the sky I saw the moon in a lovely shade of gray, my favorite color. I admired the color which immediately sent my brain into DIY/renovation mode and started listing its favorite shades of gray from the most recent West Elm and Pottery Barn magazines in order from favorite to least favorite and then picked functional gray (I know it’s a run-on!). The vanity needs updated since the kids’ bathroom is something we’re working on, so that’s where the paint color should go. Makes sense. Right? PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one that does that!

Anyhoo, here’s a list current we’re-in-the-middle-of happenings:

Painting our entire downstairs and upstairs hallway.
Retiling the kids bath/shower combo.
Board and Batten (in the works) for kids bathroom)
Fix drywall tape that pulled since resetting the foundation.
Putting hardware on the bathroom vanity.
Building an industrial shelving unit for our front room which currently serves as an indoor soccer field rather than the office space it should be since the hubs works from home.

I love everything about industrial shelving. It’s so raw and functional for the whole family. However, what’s not functional are the big store prices. $1499 for Crate and Barrel’s 6′ Beckett Shelving. It’s lovely, but not gonna do it.


Which is why I was elated when I came across two DIY shelving projects that were created for Lowes. They’re both completely doable. You don’t have to be Handy Manny to whip these out.  The best part? The plan we’ve drawn up is under $300 for the entire project. It’s 2 feet taller than the Beckett too.

Here are my inspirations.

I love how this one has the varnished boards sitting right on the pipes. No need for cutting out crazy holes with special rotary tools. Also, I like the symmetry of the evenly spaced shelving. However, since our ceilings are 12 feet tall, we drew plans up that are wider and taller. Jen of Tatertots and Jello has a fantastic tutorial that she’s posted for Lowe’s Creator.

And now this one!


I super love what Roeshel of the DIY Showoff blog did with this design. It feels more secure with three piping supports that run vertical, and I also like how there isn’t a shelf sitting “on top” of the 90 degree elbow at the top. However, we will secure the flanges into wall supports like Jen’s project above.

I’ll be sure to blog on it!

Oh, and two weeks ago I painted our drab little half bath Benjamin Moore’s White Dove (picture lighting reads a bit too yellow). I had a little voting on Instagram and White Dove won. I couldn’t be happier with the results! I totally believe in working with what you have. And this vanity and lighting is what’s was in there when we moved. I’d love to swap out the lighting and mirror someday, but for now the fresh coat of paint will do!


Can we just give a shout out to Hobby Lobby for these amazing industrial letters that are only $17 when you buy them at 40% off!  And World Market never disappoints with handsoap dispensers (Tip: I refill with Method or DIY soap.  I don’t dare buy a new dispenser which is why I adore these hardy little Mason jars.)

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