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We’re Going to Need a New Blog Name

Oh friends, it has been awhile since I’ve blogged…or feel like I’ve had time to blog. 2017 came and we have blown right through the first month and a half. So much has happened this year already.

  • We celebrated Christmas and NYE in Argentina with friends and family.
  • The Mr. went to London for work. We visited my family.
  • Kids headed back to school for the 2nd semester.
  • I partnered with some amazing friends and helped throw a big oily gathering.
  • The Mr. let me tag along his work trip to London.  #ilovethebrits
  • The biggest of our kiddos is turning 8 this month, and just 2 2/12 weeks after, the littlest (in age only!) turns 2.
  • Oh, and we’re going to need to figure out a new name for this blog because there are going to be six Millers soon! 😍

Yes, you read that right! We’re in the process of adopting the sweetest little 2 1/2 year-old girl from the DRC – Congo. We can hardly wait!

Recently, we were made aware of sweet Miss O (Miss O is not her actual name 😉) via a mutual friend on Facebook. I contacted her and asked for some information and proceeded to talk with the agency that represents her. Fast forward a couple of weeks and some other family decided to proceed; but then for reasons unknown to us, backed out.

But HERE is my favorite part of our story – of Miss O’s story. Yesterday I contacted a couple of friends to vet the agency further than just their agency website, fb reviews, and 3rd party non-profit “watch-dog” ratings. While chatting with one particular friend who also has Congolese children via adoption but NOT via our agency she asked, “Can I ask who you are adopting? I was just wondering because there is the sweetest little girl that we have specifically been praying for the Lord to find a home for. I actually have a picture of her from a year ago. Her name is Miss O.”

I sobbed. “We’re adopting Miss O.” I had never even spoken to her about our openness to adopt again, let alone from the Congo.

Friends, if this doesn’t encourage your faith, then I don’t know what will. The sovereign God who created the universe is also watching out for sweet Miss O thousands of miles away in the DRC. We’ve had confirmation of stepping out in obedience to this tug in our hearts in multiple ways. The previous example just being one of them.

It’s funny how life has a way of coming full circle. How God is so involved in the tiniest details of our everyday lives. Remember that beautiful refugee family you all so generously helped us clothe and provide for a couple of months ago? It is no coincidence that we got a chance to love them well. It’s no coincidence that their family is Congolese-Ugandan…seeing as our family will be part Congolese-Ugandan. Our choices and actions weave our everyday story and can either knit us a little more closely to others or allow us to unravel.

So What’s the Time-Frame?

Honestly, we’ve been told 6 months to 1 year. But if you know anything about adoption, you know to make a plan but must stay flexible. The plans always change. Sometimes for the better and well, sometimes there are big challenges that arise; but the reward is so worth it.

How You Can Partner With Us.

So we can keep the adoption rolling, we are working to raise half of the costs and will foot the other half personally. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought we could send a little love to Miss O.  I made this chart with 200 envelopes numbered from 1 to 200. You choose a number, and that’s the amount you donate. For example, if you choose envelop 53, you’d donate $53. If we fill the chart, we will raise $20,100 – half our costs! I will update the graphic at the end of each night to show what numbers have been selected.

Step 1. Look at the graphic below to see what number is available (if a number is gone you want to donate, that’s fine too!).

Step 2. Click on the Donate PayPal button below and send the amount OR if you prefer, you can send a check to us. IF for some reason the button doesn’t work, you can send PayPal (friends and family) to . It will go to the same spot.

Step 3. Leave a comment for Little Miss O. I’ll record them in a Journal for her.




Happy Valentines Day friends!

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