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Zeke’s Room + His Favorite Book

Zeke’s Room

We ( I actually have nooooo idea why I used a plural pronoun there) I finally started working on getting Zeke’s bedroom put together. Missouri has been our home for the last 9 months, but I just didn’t have it in me over the holidays to do anymore house projects. Nesting during this adoption has finally kicked me into high gear. Or maybe it’s the fact that we need photos of the house for the dossier and I still just have primer on my banisters! Or maybe it’s because we need to rearrange kids in rooms so child number 4 can have her place too. Whatever the case let’s be honest, can we? When I have a deadline I like to make it as horrifically imminent as possible which is why I painted yesterday instead of minding the stack of papers on my desk.

Zeke’s persona is so bright and cheery it’s only fitting his room match. I only spent a whopping $35 at Hobby Lobby to make this work. I just repurposed things we already had. No, I haven’t changed the electrical outlets although I have purchased them! And eventually I’ll get some curtains hung and knobs put on the closest to replace the missing one and broken one; but for now, before little Miss O arrives, we’re at least in good shape.

Zeke totally approves!

I ❤️ all things Lindsey Letters creates. She can do no wrong in my eyes! I am so excited that she sells a few select pieces of work at Hobby Lobby. Hello fabulous! That’s her canvas work below.


Cutest mobile evvvvaaaahhhhh! Give one as your next gift. Do it. Ekisa Designs sells these soft African animals on our Fields of Dreams Uganda website.

2017-03-10_0036.jpgI love reminding Zeke that Superman was adopted too.

Our sweet neighbors in Texas has these verses cards made for Zeke and gave them to me just before we went to Uganda. I clung to these and prayed one over him daily.

Zeke’s Favorite Story

My dear friend CeCe sent me this book in the mail as a gift for Zeke’s arrival. I opened it, read it, sobbed, and sat it aside when Zoe said, “Mom, who wrote this book about us?” And it hit me. This is (almost) our exact story with a few details changed. I was sitting in the salon when I got the call, and we were in Uganda rather than Rwanda. But other than those few things, this is our story too.

It’s also Zeke’s favorite. He loves pointing and saying, “Wook at Zekey, Mom!” and “Mom, wook! Zion and Zoe!” We read it often and tell him his story. We tell him how we waited and nested and prayed for him. How our sweet friends threw us the most fantastic shower and welcomed him. We tell him about walking down the red dirt road with his caretaker taking us to where he was lying in a bassinet by the window at the orphanage and that Zoe was the first to exclaim, “There he is! Our baby brother!”

So today, Zeke and I are going to “read” you this story. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Mommy’s Heart Went Pop! An Adoption Story, by Christina Kyllonen and Peter Greer.


Happy Friday Friends!

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